Working Towards Vaccine Equity in IA2030 (webinar)

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On Tuesday, April 20, 2021, ACTION Secretariat Director Dr. Vineeta Gupta led a virtual conversation on how policymakers, civil society organizations (CSOs), government officials, and funders can create an integrated, equitable approach to immunization. The webinar was hosted by Gavi CSO Constituency in partnership with Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, RESULTS UK, ACTION, and Save the Children UK.

This year marks the first of the Immunization Agenda 2030 (IA2030), an ambitious global strategy to expand vaccine coverage over the next decade and realize a world where everyone, everywhere fully benefits from vaccines to improve health and well-being. Join us as we reflect on lessons learned through the COVID-19 pandemic and apply them to reach “zero-dose,” under-immunized children and missed communities.

In discussion with:

  • Dr. Peter Singer, Special Advisor to the Director General at WHO
  • Dr. Chizoba Wonodi, Country Director Nigeria, Johns Hopkins International Vaccine Access Center, Founder and National Convener, Women Advocates for Vaccine Access
  • Mirafe Solomon, Health and Nutrition Specialist, Save the Children, Ethiopia
  • Maki Igarashi, Coordinator, Emergency Health, IFRC Regional Office, MENA (Beirut)
  • Dr. H.M. Agus Samsudi, Chairman of COVID-19 Command Center, Muhammadiya, Indonesia
  • Dr. Ephram Lemango, WHO Regional Office for Africa EPI-Essential Programme on Immunization 

Chaired by:

  • Dr. Vineeta Gupta, ACTION Secretariat Director USA, Maternal and Child Health Physician & International Human Rights Lawyer (Twitter: @guptavineeta)