Advocacy Toolkits

Download ACTION's Advocacy Skills Handbook!

You are a powerful force in your community. As a service provider and/or community leader you see clearly where more progress can be made. How can you increase the impact of your work to change policies and increase resources to end tuberculosis and vaccine-preventable diseases?

Involve others!

Download a toolkit in PDF format explaining several tools you can use to assess gaps in service delivery and resource allocation, while increasing community and citizen ownership.

The links below provide further advice on how to put these tools into action! 

Social Auditing

Social Audit
Institutions of Democratic Governance Network
Social Audit background guide and user manual

Training Module on Social Audit (2003)
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Training manual through the example of the Gram Panchayat jurisdiction

Social Audit: A Toolkit A Guide for Performance Improvement and Outcome Measurement (2005)
Centre for Good Governance
A background guide and training manual

A Practical Guide to Social Audit as a Participatory Tool to Strengthen Democratic Governance, Transparency, and Accountability (2011)
United Nations Development Program
Social Audit implementation manual

Citizen Report Cards (CRC) and Community Score Cards (CSC)

Community Score Card Process
The World Bank Group
CSC implementation manual

Citizen Report Card and Community Score Card
The World Bank Group
CRC/CSC data log

Operational Manual for Community Based Performance Monitoring (2004)
The World Bank Group
Implementation Manual for Community Score Cards

Public Expenditure Tracking Survey (PETS)

Engaging Communities and Civil Society Organizations in Public Expenditure Tracking
PETS training manual through a Pact Tanzania case study

Public Expenditure Tracking Survey
The World Bank Group
PETS data log

National Health Accounts
World Health Organization
National Health Accounts Data background data and data log

Monitoring the quality of public spending in the social sectors in developing countries (2008)
Transparency and Accountability Project (TAP): The Brookings Institution
PETS efficacy evaluation

Using Public Expenditure Tracking Surveys to Monitor Projects and Small-Scale Programs (2010)
The World Bank Group
PETS Training Manual

Advocacy Training Toolkits

Mobilizing Communities on Young People’s Health and Rights: An Advocacy Training Guide (2008)
Family Care International

Mobilizing Communities on Young People’s Health and Rights: An Advocacy Training Guide for Programme Managers (2008)
Family Care International

Advocacy and Campaigning Toolkit (2008)

Advocacy Toolkit (2012)
VSO International

Advocacy for Financial Stability of Immunization (2004)
FHI 360

An Introduction to Advocacy: Training Guide
The Sara Project

Participatory Methods for Research & Social Change

Who Counts? The Quiet Revolution of Participation and Numbers (2008)
Institute of Development Studies

Participation Power and Social Change
Institute of Development Studies

Participation.Net: Information for Change
Institute for Development Studies and the Development Research Centre on Citizenship, Participation and Accountability, in collaboration with ELDIS.