Tuberculosis: Voices in the fight against the European epidemic

Having tuberculosis (TB) is a global epidemic. But, this report aims to draw much needed attention to the fact that TB is not a mysterious disease in a distant land. TB in Europe has been on the rise over the past decade; affecting men, women and children from across the region and from vastly different communities. Despite the devastating impact that TB has on these communities, genuine political action to tackle the disease at the regional level remains to be seen. Contained in this report are seven case studies telling the human side of the story — patients, doctors, health care workers and advocates speak out about their experiences, achievements and the challenges faced in tackling this regional epidemic.

TB Europe Coalition & ACTION

This report was written by Jessica Kuehne and Kate Finch of RESULTS UK with additional editing by Aparna Barua, Amy Sheppey, Charlotte Goyon and Fanny Voitzwinkler.