Investing in Healthy Communities & A Brighter Future

Despite general economic growth and a growing middle class, Indonesia has the fifth highest number of children suffering from chronic malnutrition in the world. The gap between rich and poor when it comes to hunger is only growing.

One community development program is having success in fighting nutrition and improving health among mothers and children in the country’s poorest areas. Launched in 2007, PNPM Generasi is a World-Bank supported program that gives incentivized cash grants to poor communities. Trained facilitators help communities decide how to spend the funds. For instance, communities can focus on stimulating demand for health services by giving people cash transfers to use certain services, or they can focus on supply problems that might be limiting access, such as too few health clinics.

Our video shows how the people of Cihampelas village are using the program to invest in the health of their community and to build a better future for their children.

This one story represents a larger success. In Generasi’s latest impact evaluation, its biggest impact was in cutting malnutrition and stunting. Childhood malnutrition was reduced by 2.2 percentage points, or nearly 10 percent over the control group in areas where Generasi was implemented.