2006 Publications

HIV/TB Report Card for 22 TB High Burden Countries

Global Health Advocates, Health and Development Networks, RESULTS, and the AIDS-Care-Watch Campaign (December 2006)

This report card shows the 2006 UNAIDS estimated prevalence of HIV in the 22 TB high burden countries and highlights the deadly synergy between the
two conditions, and the opportunity to save the lives of people living with HIV in these countries using standardized, effective and free TB treatments.

The Challenges of TB in Africa: Report of UK Delegation Rwanda and Kenya

RESULTS UK (September 2006)

Published by RESULTS UK after a 2006 Parliamentary Delegation to Africa, this report chronicles the main events of the trip and details some of the most pressing issues in the fight against TB on the African continent.

Enduring Neglect: The World Bank’s Inadequate Response to Africa’s TB Emergency

RESULTS Educational Fund (September 2006)

This report reveals that of $585 million allotted by the World Bank in 2005 for health programs in Africa, only $3.5 million (less than 1 percent) was devoted to TB in Africa. Of the World Bank’s total global spending on TB, less than 5 percent goes to Africa. The report recommends that the World Bank dramatically increase its TB funding in Africa.

Donor Report Card: Meeting the MDG for AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria

RESULTS Educational Fund, Health GAP, Global AIDS Alliance, Global Health Advocates, Advocates for Youth, Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance, Project RING, and Japan AIDS and Society Association (August 2006)

This report card grades major donor countries based on their current pledges to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB, and Malaria (GFATM) for 2006 and 2007 compared to their corresponding fair shares. G8 countries continue to short-change this critically important funding mechanism, threatening the lives of millions who depend on it.

Responding to AIDS through the Youth (RAY) Newsletter

KANCO (2006)

This newsletter documents the experiences of the Responding to AIDS among Youth (RAY) project. The RAY project was established to encourage more young people to know their status and focus on abstinence. The project commenced in October 2004 and is funded by PEPFAR through Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Information Pack for People Living with HIV&AIDS on Human Rights

KANCO (2006)

This informational pack promotes knowledge, skills and understanding of HIV/AIDS as related to legal, ethical and human rights issues.

HIV&AIDS and its Treatment Information Pack: What You Should Know

KANCO (2006)

This information package is designed to provide crucial information in a simplified manner to diverse audiences, especially those living with HIV and care providers working at community level.